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We encourage and support everyone in our learning community to be the best they can be. It matters. We operate within strict ethical and equitable guidelines.


Our community fosters leadership, equity, diversity and respect. We encourage our learners to recognise their own abilities but also their challenges.

For our Young Learners

It is an adventure rich community with opportunities for lifelong learning, personal development, achievement and enjoyment.

For our Schools

We are a forward-looking organisation. We seek to ensure that each school’s individual character and spirit is celebrated and protected. It is our partnerships with other schools and organisations that enhances the quality of the provision we offer.

Our Strategic Objectives, delivered through the School and Trust leadership:

(A) For Our Learners:

  • We promote leadership at all ages.
  • All our young people enjoy their learning and aspire to achieve their very best.
  • We tailor our curriculum offers to the needs and interests of the learner. This can be through traditional routes or with bespoke combinations.
  • We keep our learners safe.
  • We listen and support our learners through their highs and lows.
  • The well designed Personal Development curriculum allows our young people to access opportunities and to celebrate their differences within, across and outside our schools.
  • Behaviour and attitudes to learning are excellent.
  • Regular attendance is non-negotiable.
  • Young people are taught about domestic finance and will have an awareness of the skills required within a business environment.
  • We encourage our young people to share opinions about their educational journey and experience. We listen and, where necessary, act.
  • Our students will be shown clear examples of the difference between equality and equity and how this translates to real life situations.

(B) For Our Staff:

  • They will ensure that all young people experience a high quality of curriculum content that is well tailored, logical and up to date.
  • They will implement their planning with clear intent and will adapt learning taking into consideration young people’s cultural capital.
  • Their assessment will help the learners reflect on their work in order to improve and gain maximum impact.
  • The staff will benefit from personalised CPD in order to improve the learner’s journey.
  • They have a high quality of SEND expertise.
  • Opportunities are enabled for staff across the Trust to develop their skills and widen their knowledge.
  • Performance Management is both supportive and challenging.
  • Staff welfare is monitored to ensure they experience a healthy work/life balance.
  • Teaching staff will understand the difference between equality and equity and demonstrate this in their planning.

(C) For Our Leaders & Governors:

  • There is an ambitious vision and culture for continuous improvement across all schools.
  • Excellent leadership and governance across the Trust is a high priority.
  • Safeguarding is at the heart of what we do.
  • We strive to achieve value for money.
  • We have systems in place to ensure that excellent progress is made.
  • We manage our budget effectively and efficiently to ensure financial support is provided/targeted where it has the most impact on our learners.
  • The growth and shape of our Trust is carefully managed to ensure we maintain its quality and capacity.
  • Policies and practices are consistently designed with ethical principles at their heart.
  • We are an outward facing Trust that is always looking at ways to improve.
  • We encourage Governor and Trustee development through our strong relationship with the National Governors Association (NGA).
  • We will always support local schools that are not members of our academy.
  • Equity is as important to us as equality.

The Trust’s Ambition:

  1. All education establishments will be welcomed. We aim to achieve a balance of ages, phases and types of school.
  2. We will involve parents and carers at every stage of our young person’s journey. A positive relationship with the young person’s home is critical to success.